The Rules

Rule #1

Regardless of the number of firms involved, MITC is always a team participant and an active participant in every proposal it submits in response to any Task Order or RFP/Q from its GWAC/ID/IQ contract vehicle pipeline.

Rule #2

In any proposals submitted, it will detail that MITC assumes responsibility for contract management – including financial management of the contract (ensuring everyone gets paid on-time), contract reporting, and compliance reporting.

Rule #3

MITC will mediate any problems that arise between teaming partners and its decision is final.

Rule #4

For its work, MITC receives 5% of the actual revenues generated under each contract or task order.


MITC is a consortium of small technology and professional services firms and HBCU/MI with a broad "bandwidth" of expertise and successful experience in Information Technology, Construction, Training, and other desirable professionals service areas. MITC member firms can provide services within the Continental US (CONUS) and outside (OCONUS).

Business Development

MITC provides business development and other growth-related support services to technology and professional services firms, of all types and sizes, and Historically Black Colleges and Universities/Minority-Serving Institutions.

Federal Contractors

We offer an efficient, effective single point for Federal Contractors to access pre-vetted team members to meet their Federal Small Business Sub-contracting Requirement.