Building Winning Teams for Technology and Professional Services Firms

MITC participants inherit the access to a steady stream of ID/IQ and GWAC contract opportunities with limited competition; extensive capabilities bandwidth; decision-maker contacts; and cutting-edge business intelligence to respond to economic conditions that have stifled small business growth and job creation. Using joint-ventures, partnering, teaming arrangements, mentor-protégé program participation, collaborative efforts, and business development strategies, MITC offers its participants the benefit of strength in numbers. MITC collaborations support government efforts to sustain small businesses and expand contracting opportunities on large and complex technology and professional services contracts.



MITC brought together award-winning technology and professional services companies - located across the country - and top Historically Black Colleges and Universities/Minority-Serving Institutions (HBCU/MI), to create a dynamic vehicle that enables them to compete successfully and win more, larger, and complex federal government contracts.


MITC is a consortium of small technology and professional services firms and HBCU/MI with a broad "bandwidth" of expertise and successful experience in Information Technology, Construction, Training, and other desirable professionals service areas. MITC member firms can provide services within the Continental US (CONUS) and outside (OCONUS).

Business Development

MITC provides business development and other growth-related support services to technology and professional services firms, of all types and sizes, and Historically Black Colleges and Universities/Minority-Serving Institutions.

Federal Contractors

We offer an efficient, effective single point for Federal Contractors to access pre-vetted team members to meet their Federal Small Business Sub-contracting Requirement.